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SMACK Republic: Newtown Nemesis Stout:


The Newtown Nemesis is a Vanilla & Bourbon Milk Stout, crafted by the Johannesburg inner city brewery SMACK Republic. The beer itself has gone through a few changes in the past few years, from being extremely heavy to being extremely sweet, always though, the stout has managed to win many awards throughout the craft beer industry.

The stout is generally very heavy with a coffee aroma and a smooth texture. SMACK Republic themselves describe it as a desert beer, and tout that most women enjoy the beer as a dessert beer, and it’s not difficult to see why, it’s very smooth and has hints of chocolate, coffee and toffee. Though a very heavy beer, it’s a perfect companion for both a hot and cool evening.

SMACK: Republic Newtown Nemesis Stout is retailed in 440ml brown bottles. Boxes include 12 Bottles only.

5% Alc./Vol.

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